Heat Exchangers (Shell & Core)Design, Steel Fabrication and Installation

Heat exchangers are temperature control mechanisms specified and installed as part of the overall process design. Heat exchangers work in coordination with pressure vessels and storage tanks to either heat up or cool down the elements passing through the units.

Perfect Industries Group designs, builds, and installs ASME pressure vessels that conform to both code and non-code requirements. Our company (Perfect International – Sharjah) is certified to code stamp each of our products according to ASME U, ASME U2 and ASME S.

Proper heat exchanger design and implementation is a key component for processes that promote liquid separation (changing the base chemical state from either solid or gas to liquid).

Typical heat exchanger designs employ a “shell & tube” configuration. Perfect Arabia Factory fabricates heat exchangers in two different tube styles as selected to match your chemical process:

  • U-tube Heat Exchanger
  • Straight-Through Heat Exchanger

Unlike other metal tank fabricators that build and stock heat exchangers as standard off-the-shelf components, Perfect Arabia Factory manufactures each heat exchanger to your application’s individual requirements. Our straight-thru tube heat exchanger and U-tube heat exchanger designs account for those details that make your project unique.

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how can we help you? Contact us or submit a business inquiry online.