Overhead CranesSteel Fabrication of Cranes' Girders

EOT overhead cranes are among the most common lifting solutions used across a range of different workplaces, such as assembly lines, research facilities and production plants.

An EOT overhead crane, or Electric Overhead Travelling crane, consists of single or multiple beams that can traverse along supporting gantry rails.

We have been manufacturing EOT Cranes Girders since 1998 for: DEMAG, KULI, KONE, STREET, ABUS , G&H, MISIA, PCT, VERLINDE, STAHL.

EOT Cranes are fabricated by our expert professionals who use modern tools and advanced technology to fabricate these cranes. We stringently test these cranes for quality at our technologically advanced infrastructure in order to provide best outcome at customer’s end. These EOT cranes are fabricated in accordance with set industrial standards and are available in different sizes and dimensions.


Our team is experienced in the crane erection in steel plants, power houses, refinery, aluminium smelter, ship building and all other industries.

We also design, fabricate, supply, install at site the Runway Beams.

Single girder EOT cranes are commonly used for lighter duty applications. They can support weights from less than 100 kilograms, right up to heavier duty loads of several tonnes. We offer a versatile range of hoists and below the hook lifting accessories to help tailor our single girder EOT cranes to the task in hand.

For jobs that involve lifting heavier loads, we usually quote double girder EOT cranes. By introducing a second horizontal beam double girder EOT cranes spread the weight evenly, letting the crane better manage the stress of the application. This also helps extend the durability and lifespan of the EOT crane, particularly when under constant daily usage.

Stability and safety are the principal features of Our Industrial gantry cranes.
Thanks to their structural design. The hoist is installed on one or two beams, supported by legs that can be moved on horizontal rails attached to the floor. These cranes are easily integrated into production centres. They are the perfect solution for open air transfer in warehouses, logistics centres and distribution centres. Gantry Cranes are also known as Portal cranes or Goliath cranes and operate on floor mounted rails rather than a supporting gantry system as used by bridge cranes.

Semi Gantry cranes feature a floor mounted rail and a structurally mounted rail.

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