Silo Storage TanksDesign, Steel Fabrication and Installation

Our Industrial line of silos are engineered for the storage of dry bulk products such as cement, plastics, flour, sugar, resins, slag, fly ash, and lime, and liquid products such as water, liquid fertilizer and molasses. Working from Perfect Arabia Factory, over the past 20 years Smith Steel & Fabrication has earned a reputation for quality design, fabrication and creative solutions.

Silos can be built to nearly any dimensions and specifications with the right fabrication shop. The type of material to be stored in the tank will determine what type of construction materials and finishing products should be used. A knowledgeable fabricator can make recommendations based on their experience with steel processing, welding and painting.

Silo storage tanks are used around the world to keep bulk products safe. Many companies, from the oil companies to local food producers, utilize silos as a simple way to store huge amounts of any substance without putting it at risk. Silos can be built using a wide range of materials to meet the needs of the product that will be stored in them, and can also be refrigerated or coated for extra protection. Silos also come in horizontal and vertical orientations, but vertical silos are most popular for a number of reasons.

Standard Features Industrial Tanks are Fully Customizable

  • Caged ladder
  • Top railing
  • Inside ladder
  • Sealed manway
  • Fill pipe assembly
  • Pressure relief valves
  • Available with drive through and non drive
  • through leg extensions
  • Two compartment silos
  • Service platform
  • 12-aeration diffusers
  •  Lifting lugs
  •  Manual shut off slide
  • Outlet flange
  • Butterfly valve c/w air actuator
  • Two level bindicators
  • Painted with Epoxy in multitude of
  • colours
  • Special painting/epoxy/logos
  • Larger sizes available
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how can we help you? Contact us or submit a business inquiry online.