Bulk Handling ConveyorsSteel Fabrication & Erection

Whether your product is wood fiber, bark, biomass products, agricultural materials, aggregates, minerals, waste or recycled products, we have a solution to meet your needs.

With our close cooperation with specialized international companies in manufacturing high standard Bulk Conveyors, and with our experience in manufacturing and installation of bulk conveyors, we can be the best choice for your requirement.

We manufacture conveyors for heavy industrial use. We can engineer the best suited conveyor for your bulk handling system.
We also make conveyors in totally enclosed TBCs (tube belt conveyors) along with vibrating belts, drag chain and box chain conveyors.

Our team is experienced in manufacturing and installation of:
> Totally enclosed tube belt conveyors
> Chainways and transfers
> Drag chain and box chain conveyors
> Wide belt bulk conveyors
> Waste beltways
> Log conveyors
> Vibrating conveyors
> Incline and decline conveyors
> Storage bins and silos
> Transitions and gates
> Feeding bins
> Discharge chutes

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